Chasing trail ep16 the local

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At SCOTT, we're pretty fortunate to be based in a country with loads to offer in the form of singletrack. The Alps offer anything anyone could desire for a day on the bike. They offer a perfect testbed for new products, an ideal environment for company team building, and ultimately, they provide us with a playground for the weekends.

As the seasons change, so do our trails. We're well placed in the country so as to be able to ride year round. Frozen, often snow covered trails in the winter lead to damp, springtime thawed out dirt, on to dry, dusty summer conditions, and finally perhaps to the best time of all, fall. Cooler temperatures, tacky dirt, the stuff dreams are made of. Our "local" thrives in these conditions. The roots are out in fine form, ever commanding and treacherously rewarding. The brown stuff is of hero status, and intermittent rain makes sure to keep you on your toes.

We recently went out with SCOTT Ambassador Rudy Biedermann, a local to this local, for a rainy day on the bike. Rudy knows the place inside out. Every nook, cranny, rock and rut is engrained in his brain, and when you see him ride the zone, that concept is evident. You just need to be able to keep up to witness it.

As Mountain Bikers, we often seem destined to want to search far and wide for the best trails on offer. In fact, producing "Chasing Trail" has been all about that concept. Let's send the world's best athletes to the world's most exotic locations to shoot on some of the world's finest singletrack. Let's showcase mountain biking in all its glory, all over the world. Traveling is in fact something the bike allows you to do, and we as a community embrace that. To wrap up this year's collections of episodes, however, we found it fitting to remember that sometimes the trip doesn't need to be monumental. Sometimes, it just doesn't get better than what you have in your own backyard.

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