100 MPH - A winter with Jérémie Heitz épisode 2

Experience, mental strength and perfect knowledge of the mountain are only some of the essentials. What does Jérémie Heitz do to prepare himself and his equipment before dropping in and what does he think might make the difference?

In episode 2 of 100MPH, Jérémie share his love for speed and explains how his style got defined over years of practice - and sometimes also brutal crashes.

While he's tried over the years to spice up his competition runs with freestyle moves, ultimately and thanks to an open judging format that doesn't impose a particular style to be on top, Jérémie was able to stick to his natural inclination for fast, steep and exposed lines.

Going beyond the apparent easy-going nature of Jérémie, how does he balance the complex relationship between performance and risk? How far is he ready to push himself? How to resist the pressure when you're on top of the Bec des Rosses and the world title is at stake?


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