100 MPH - A winter with Jérémie Heitz

At just 27 he has accomplished a lot. The recent movie release of La Liste gave him recognition of a very unique skillset – skiing at incredible speed on very steep terrain – a perfect blend of alpine racing and freeriding!

Surprisingly, whilst being one of the most consistent competitors on the FWT and despite numerous podium finishes over the years (and a record number of second place finishes!), Jérémie has never won a FWT competition. On a couple of occasions he arrived in the Tour finale in Verbier in a position of becoming world champion… but failed to bag the title. What is it that keeps him going? And what will it take to make this dream come true at last?

Thanks to the hard work and skills Jérémie seemingly has it all. Yet he’s still hungry for the one thing that keeps eluding him after several seasons on the competitive circuit: to become the Freeride World Champion. And one thing is sure; to reach his goal he’ll need to be on top of his game over the 5 tour stops and most of all, he’ll have to tame the daunting Bec des Rosses in Switzerland at the grand finale.


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